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Russian Mission School has enjoyed an educational renaissance of sorts. Students love school, teachers love their jobs, and parents play an active role in the education of their children. There are many reasons for the academic success of students at Russian Mission School. We hire and retain outstanding teachers; Instruction is standards driven and student focused; Our school program reflects the values of our community.

Part of motivating students to meet and exceed their potential is building a trusting relationship--where student and teachers are both learners and teachers. By sponsoring and participating in place-based activities, students and teachers share common experiences that easily translate into academic projects. By keeping school an exciting place to learn, student and teachers are able to avoid "burn out" and maximize their potential.

As you browse our website and place-based thematic units, consider the ways you can use the resources unique to your community/school to drive student learning and increase motivation. And, feel free to email us with your questions.
Rediscovering and maintaining our connection to the land is one of the most important learning experiences we can ever undertake.

When asked about their favorite part of school, nearly all students respond with, "The activities!"

At Russian Mission School, the faculty, staff and community recognize the importance of fostering and facilitating a strong student connection to culture and the environment. In hopes of making a positive step towards this goal, Russian Mission School is working collaboratively with the community to include relevant place-based activities in the educational program. These activities teach and encourage the practice of traditional subsistence skills as well as other activities important to our community.

In facilitating student understanding and discussion of their immediate world and customs, we believe they will have a better understanding and appreciation of peoples and customs throughout the world.

~Jason S. Moen, Instructional Leader

Last Modified: Oct 10, 2013

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